O.S. Hawkins

O.S. Hawkins
O.S. Hawkins
Annuity Board SBC
PO Box 2190
Dallas, TX75221

Dr. O.S. Hawkins is President and CEO Guidestone, which is the Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, with assests in the billions of dollars, and he manages the retirement accounts of over 100,000 Southern Baptist ministers and employees of churches, agencies, and institutions. He is a frequent speaker at Pastor's Conferences, Conventions, and churches across the nation.

From 1993-1997, Dr. Hawkins served as pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. Before that, he was pastor of First Baptist Church, Fort Lauuderdale, Florida for 15 years.

He has three earned degrees: B.B.A., M.Div., and D.Min.; and he has three honorary degrees: S.T.D. and two D.D. degrees.

He was Clergyman of the Year, named by the Religious Heritage of America. He was also President of the Southern Baptist Convention Pastor's Conference. He is an author and is frequently invited to speak in conferences and churches.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
At The Brook Cherith 1 Kings  17 :1-7 Trust in God; Faith; Faithfulness; Provision, God's
The Calling Of God Acts  3 :2 Call of God, The; God's Call; God's Call to Pastor
Counter-Culture Christianity Ephesians  2 :8-10 Salvation; Postmodernism; Truth
The Wonderful Walk Of Victory (Outline) Galatians  5 :19-26 Victory; Progess; Walking with the Lord
Modern Day Motherhood Genesis  21 :14-21 Mother; Mother's Day
Tracing The Rainbow Through The Rain Habakkuk  Sorrow; Hardship; Peace; Prayer
Christmas Eve Hebrews  10 :5-7 Christmas; Birth of Jesus; Humanity of Jesus
America: Some Why Questions (Outline) Jeremiah  8 :5-22 America; Independence Day; National Issues
America: Some Why Questions (Outline) Jeremiah  8 :5-22 America; Independence Day; National Revival
Broken Dreams and New Beginnings John  11 :1-44 New Beginnings; Hardships; Faith; Brokenness
A God Honoring Offering John  12 :1-8 Giving; Stewardship; Offerings to God
A God-Honoring Offering John  12 :1-8 Giving; Stewardship; Offering, Acceptable; Money
Jonah - Here I am ... Send Someone Else Jonah  1 :1-3 Jonah; God's Will; Indifference; Rebellion; Selfishness
A Father's Love Luke  15 :11-24 Father; Parenting; Family; Home; Father's Day
Father's Day Luke  15 :11-32 Father's Day; Fathers; Dad; Family; Home
Thanksgiving: Where Are The Nine? Luke  17 :11-19 Thanksgiving; Praise; Gratitude; Devotion
Palm Sunday - Is Jesus Still weeping? Luke  19 :41 Jesus; Palm Sunday; Sin
Robbery Without A Weapon Malachi  3 :7-12 Tithing; Giving; Stewardship; Robbing God; Money; Materialism
Gone Fishing Mark  1 :17 Soul Winning; Evangelism; Witnessing
The Empty Tomb and the Second Chance Mark  16 :7 Resurrection; Easter; Life, Eternal; Second Chance; Love of God
Mother's Day Matthew  1 :5 Mother's Day; Family; Woman; Wife; Mother
Keeping Life In Focus Philippians  3 :13-14 Life, Focus of; Mind; Thinking; Purpose in Living
lOVE: Romans  5 :8 Love of God; God's Love; Love

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