Jack Woodard

Jack Woodard
Jack Woodard
Temple Baptist Church
507 Marsha Avenue
Mendenhall, MS39114

Jack Woodard is Pastor of Temple Baptist Church, Mendenhall, Mississippi. He was saved in his 20s and surrendered to God's call to the ministry one year later. He was licensed to the Gospel Ministry by First Baptist Church, Carrollton, MO, and was ordained at High Point Baptist Church, Stoutland, MO.

Rev. Woodard received a Bachelor in Ministry Degree from Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, Mo, a Master of Ministry Degree Southern Baptist School for Biblical Studies, Jacksonville, FL. He has studied toward a Master of Divinity Degree with Luther Rice Seminary, Lithonia (Atlanta), GA.

Jack has served the following churches:
Poplar Springs Baptist Church, Mendenhall, MS (2002- July 2005)
Calvary Baptist Church, Blytheville, AR (1994-2002)
East End Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR (1990-1994)
Calvary Baptist Church, Nevada, MO (1986-1990)
Oklahoma Avenue Baptist Church, Shawnee, OK (1982-1986)
High Point Baptist Church, Stoutland, MO (1977-1981)

He is married to Clara Ann Vandeventer and they have two children, a daughter, Ginger and a son, Scott. Jack served in the United States Marine Corp, including a tour of duty in Vietnam. He contributes to several online sermon websites and has a personal blog at http://jackwoodard.wordpress.com.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Quit Thinking About Quitting 1 Corinthians  15 :58 Persistence; Faithfulness
Prepare To Meet Thy God Amos  4 :12 Death; Judgment; Preparation for Eternity
Daniel: A Captive with Convictions Daniel  1 :1-20 Daniel; Conviction; Commitment
Daniel: An Example of Christian Living in a Godless World Daniel  1 :1-20 Christian Living; Eternal Life; Paganism; Conviction; Commitment
Faithfulness: Resolved or Reluctant Daniel  1 :1-8 Faithfulness; Dedication; Commitment; Christian Living
The Party's Over - We're Not Sober Enough To Realize It Daniel  5 Judgment; Sin, The Results of; Warning, God's
Understanding Real Saving Faith Ephesians  2 :8-10 Saving Faith; Faith, Saving
Love Your Church and Give Youself For It Ephesians  5 :25 Church
To Go To Heaven, You Must Be Born Again John  3 :3-7 New Birth; Born Again, Heaven, The Way to; Salvation
Ever Increasing Faith John  4 :46-54 Faith; Trust; Dependence on God
The Grinch That Stole Christmas John  10 :10 Christmas; Jesus, Birth of
A Time for Rededication Joshua  24 :14-21 Commitment; Renewal; Rededication
Conclusions From Calvary Luke  23 :33-46 Calvary; Easter; Cross; Salvation
Eight Conclusions From Calvary Luke  23 :33-46 Easter; Cross of Jesus; Calvary; Salvation; Hope Lost
Soul Winning 101 Mark  4 :1-25 Soul Winning; Witnessing; Evangelism
Things Destroying the Influence of the Church Matthew  5 :13 Church; Unholy Christians
The Terrible Tares That Are Among Us Matthew  13 :24-30 Tares Among Wheat; Troublemakers; Difficult People; Church Problems
Sleep On Now - When Jesus No Longer Needs Your Prayers Matthew  26 :36-45 Gethsemane; Praying for Others; Prayers of Jesus; Easter
Bold Builders Nehemiah  6 :15 Boldness; Dedication; Commitment; Faithfulness
For Many the Church has become their Cave Selected Passages  Church; Caves; Dead Church; Revival, Need for in the Church

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