Ernest L. Easley

Ernest L. Easley
Ernest L. Easley
Roswell Street Baptist Church
Roswell, GA

Biography of Dr. Ernest L. Easley

Dr. Easley was born, raised, and educated in Texas. He served four churches as pastor there before coming to Roswell Street. He graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a Bachelor of Science degree before attending Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and earning a Master of Divinity degree. He received his Doctor of Ministry degree from Luther Rice Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida. He recently authored a book entitled Through the Valleys about his 1998 battle with malignant throat cancer.

Dr. Easley began his ministry at Roswell Street in February 2002. Under his leadership Roswell Street has entered into a Journey in Faith Kingdom project that focuses on an expanded facility and ministry plan, reaching out to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Marriage and Morality 1 Peter  5 :8 Morality
Marriage and Mentoring 1 Samuel  2 :22-25 Children; Parenting
How To Face Your Fears 2 Timothy  1 :3-7 Fear
Marriage and Mates Genesis  2 :21-24 Marriage
The Fear of Loneliness Hebrews  13 :1-6 Fear
A New Year Without Fear Isaiah  43 :1-6 Fear
Three Nights in a Strange Hotel Jonah  1 :13 God, Running from
Running in the Wrong Direction Jonah  1 :1-3 Will, God's
The Wind of God Jonah  1 :4-10 God, Running from
Revival in Ninevah Jonah  3 :1-10 Revival
The Post-Revival Blues Jonah  4 :1-11 Revival
He's The Master Of The Sea Luke  8 :22-26 Storms of Life; Trouble; Problems; Jesus, Power of
The Mother Of All Sins Obadiah  1 :1-4 Sin; Evil; Pride
Life At Its Best Philippians  1 :21 Christian Living; Salvation; Joy; Meaning in Life; Purpose
Marriage and Money Psalms  24 :1 Money
Freedom From Fear Psalms  91 :1-6 Fear

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