Steve Wagers

Steve Wagers
Steve Wagers
Gardenview Baptist Church
3139 Armsdale Road
Jacksonville, FL32218

Bio for Steve Wagers

Steve Wagers is a native of Whitesburg, KY. He was saved August 10, 1985, and answered the call of God upon his life to preach one year later, in October 1986.

Steve began full-time Christian service as an associate pastor/minister of music in Chilhowie, VA. He entered the pastorate in 1994, and has pastored churches in Virginia, South Carolina; and, he is currently the pastor of Gardenview Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. Gardenview Baptist Church is a thriving church with a passion for souls, as well as building believers through lively worship and solid, expository preaching of the Word of God.

Pastor Wagers is a regular speaker in revivals and Bible conferences. He is a 1990 graduate of Butler University, and is pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry from Moody Bible Institute. Steve was married to Kim (Wilson) Wagers in 1994, and they have one son, Noah.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Picking Up The Pieces - 1 Chronicles 1 Chronicles  Revival; Renewal; Evil Generation; Commitment; Dedication
It's Never Wrong To Do Right 1 Kings  1 Kings; All Hail The King; 2 Kings
Failure Not Final, But Fatal 1 Samuel  Samuel, Books of First and Second; David; Hannah; Eli
Giving God More of our Tongue Ecclesiastes  10 :11-14 Tongue; Speaking; Words
No Time Like The Right Time Esther  Courage; Service; Providence
It Is Never Too Late To Start Over Ezra  Ezra, Book of; Hehemiah; Book of; Revival; Renewal; Recovery
Life on Death Row Galatians  2 :20 Life, The Exchanged; Life, New; Crucified with Christ
The Facts About Faith Hebrews  11 :1-6 Faith; Christian Belief
Jacob - A Faith That Strengthens Hebrews  11 :21 Fatih; Jacob
Jospeh - A Faith That Surpasses Hebrews  11 :22 Joseph; Faith
Moses - A Faith that Surrenders Hebrews  11 :23-29 Moses; Faith; Surrender to God
Joshua - A Faith that Solidifies Hebrews  11 :30 Faith; Faithfulness; Commitment; God, Presence of
Enoch - A Faith that Sustains Hebrews  11 :5 Faith; Enoch; Reward, Faith and its
Jesus - The Promise Foretold Isaiah  7 :14 Jesus, Birth of; Christmas; Jesus in Prophecy
Let's Stay in the Fight James  1 :12 Temptation; Dedication; Commitment; Endurance
The Greatest Giver James  1 :17-18 Giving; Stewardship; Christmas; Gift, God's
How Real Is Your Religion? James  1 :19-27 Religion, Real; Authentic Christianity; Commitment; Christian Living
When The Heat Is On, Enjoy The Fire James  1 :2-4 Problems; Trials, Victory in
The Facts About Favoritism James  2 :1-13 Favoritism; Pride; Selfishness
A Faith Without Fruit James  2 :14-16 Faith; Fruitlessness; Christian Living; Faith, Proof of
The Most Dangerous Member In The Church James  3 :1-12 Tongue; Speech; Talking
A New Year Revolution James  4 :13-17 New Year
If Tomorrow Never Comes James  4 :13-17 New Year; Tomorrow; Death
Thanksgiving Living Job  Salvation; Gratitude; Thanksgiving; Praise; God, Greatness of
The Symphony of Suffering - Job Job  Suffering; Hardships; Trials; Pain; Doubt; Faith;Faithfulness of God
Jesus - The Promise Finalized John  1 :14 Jesus, Birth of; Christmas; Jesus in Prophecy
The God Without Limits Luke  1 :37 God, Mightiness Of; Christ, Birth Of; Christmas
It's A Boy Luke  2 :1-7 Christ, Birth Of; Christmas
The Mood Swings of an Expectant Mother Luke  2 :37 Christmas; Jesus, Birth Of; Mary
Coming Home Luke  15 :11-24 Homecoming; Love of God; Forgiveness; Grace; Renewal; Restoration
Ain't Too Pround To Beg Matthew  15 :22-28 Mother; Mother's Day
The Journal of a Jailbird Philippians  1 :1-11 Joy; Partnership; Paul
In Jail - but No Need for Bail Philippians  1 :12-20 Christian Living; Encouragement; Ministry
Thanks for the Memories Philippians  1 :21 Life; Death; Memories; Faitthfulness
I'm a Winner Either Way Philippians  1 :21-27 Death; Christian Living
Just a Chunk of Coal but a Diamond Someday Philippians  1 :6 Salvation, Confidence in
Life in a Nutshell Proverbs  Wisdom; God's Truth; Life, God's Will In; Proverbs
The Believer's Songbook - Psalms Psalms  Psalms
Clearing the Clutter out of the Closet Psalms  66 :18 Sin, Unconfessed; Confession; Forgiveness; Prayer
Thank God for God! Psalms  97 Salvation; Gratitude; Thanksgiving; Praise; God, Greatness of
Is God Through With The Jew? Psalms  122 :6 Jews; Jewish People; God's People
I Dream Of Jesus Revelation  4 Heaven; Throne of God; Homecoming
True Love Awaits Ruth  4 :9 Love; Redeemer, Kinsman; Salvation
Eating at the King's Table Selected Passages  7 :14 Prayer; Forty Days of Prayer

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