W.A. Criswell

W.A. Criswell
, TX

The late Dr. W.A. Criswell is remembered world-wide for his erudite, biblical preaching and his forthright Church, Dallas, Texas, from 1944 till his homegoing.

You can read about his incredible life and ministry, and find his sermons at http://wacriswell.org.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Casting Our Care Upon Christ 1 Peter  5 :4-5 Trusting Jesus; Burdens; Prayer
Faith of our Mothers 1 Timothy  2 :1-5 Mother's Day; Mothers; Women, Influence of
The Way Back To God 2 Chronicles  7 :14 America; Independence Day; Revival; Renewal
God's Time Is NOW Ecclesiastes  3 :1-8 Time; Time, God's; Procrastination
The Great Invitation Isaiah  1 :18 Invitation, God's; Call, God's
The World's Greatest Blunder John  1 :10-11 Salvation; Christ, Rejection of
Whom Will You Choose To Serve? Joshua  24 :15 Decision; Commitment; Service; Dedication; Will, God's
The Golden Tomorrow Philippians  3 :12-14, 20 Heaven; Commitment
Is There A God Who Cares About Me? Psalms  42 God, Compassion of; Care, God's
Revival Psalms  85 :2 Revival; Renewal
More Than Conquerors Romans  8 :29-39 Victory; Security, Eternal; Peace

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