Jerry N. Watts

Jerry N. Watts
Jerry N. Watts
New Hope Baptist Church
508 New Hope Church Road
Foxworth, MS39483

Biographical Information

Dr. Jerry N. Watts
Foxworth, Mississippi

South 28th Avenue Baptist, Hattiesburg, MS
April 17, 1983 Licensed
May 15, 1983 Ordained

SPOUSE: Deboria Lee Watts
Christy Leann
Jonathon Michael


New Hope Baptist Church, (Senior Pastor) Foxworth, MS
Director of Missions, George Greene Baptist Association, Lucedale, MS
Hueytown Baptist Church, Hueytown, AL (Senior Pastor)
Robinwood Baptist Church, Gulfport, MS(Senior Pastor)
Bay Vista Baptist Church, Biloxi, MS (Senior Pastor)
Griffin Street Baptist Church, Moss Point, MS(Senior Pastor)
Myrtle Grove Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL (Minister of Music/AP)
(For over fifteen years served as Minister of Music & Youth, Minister of Youth, Minister of Music, and Associate Pastor/Music in Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, and North Carolina.)

Purvis High, Purvis, MS Diploma 1972
William Carey College, Hattiesburg, MS 1983
Luther Rice Seminary, Atlanta, GA
International Seminary, Plymouth, FL, Master of Theology, 1994
Andersonville Baptist Seminary, Andersonville, GA, 1996 (Doctor of Biblical Studies)

Presently writing a project entitled, "The DNA of Renewal"
Contributes to (both manuscripts and audio)
Released first book entitled, "And they were CALLED Christians" - 07/2004
Two messages published in the June 1996 edition of William Carey College's Pulpit
President of Baptist Minister's Association in Gulf Coast Baptist Association
CWT, MasterLife, and FAITH Certified as well as has written "L.O.V.E." presentation
Various Associational Responsibilities (ie Pastoral Ministries Director, Missions Committee, Finance Committee, Music Director, Sunday School Director)
Various State Responsibilities (MS - credentials, tellers, Board & Executive Committee)

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
A Church For Today 1 Corinthians  9 :19-24 Church; Tradition in the Church; Christian Living
A Real Man 1 Corinthians  15 :45-49 Men; Father's Day; Manhood
The Real Man 1 Corinthians  15 :45-49 Manhood
God Loves Us and Has a Plan for Us 1 John  4 :7-21 Love, God's; Purpose, God's
Spiritual Warfare 1 Peter  5 :8-11 Spiritual Warfare; Spiritual Battles
In the Land of Giants 1 Samuel  17 Problems; Goliath; Giants
A Country In Need 2 Chronicles  15 :1-15 America
The Missing Ingredient Acts  God, Fear of; Fear Of God
Becoming A Missional Church Acts  1 :6-8 Missions; Evangelism; Christian Living
The Kingdom Church - Empowering Acts  1 :9-26 Church; Power in the Church; Holy Spirit; Christian Living
The Nemesis of an Awakening Acts  5 Spiritual Awakening; Covetousness; Revival
The Notion of an Spiritual Awakening Deuteronomy  30 :15-18 Spiritual Awakening; Revival; Spiritual Slumber
Will The Real Men Please Stand Up Ezekiel  22 :30 Men; Baptist Men; Real Men
The Heart of a Godly Leader Habakkuk  1 :1-4 Leadership; Godliness; Heart
Warning About Drifting Hebrews  2 :1-4 Backsliding
Warning About Unbelief Hebrews  3 :7-19 Faith; Unbelief; Doubt
Believer It Or Not! Hebrews  4 :12 Word of God; Bible; Faith in Scripture; Bible and Practice
The Bible is My Guidebook Hebrews  4 :12 Bible; Christian Living
Warning About Immaturity Hebrews  5 :11-14 Immaturity; Growth, Lack of
Warning About Salvation Hebrews  6 :1-12 Eternal Life; Salvation
Warning About Deliberate Sin Hebrews  10 :19-31 Sin
Warning About Rejecting God's Grace Hebrews  12 :14-17 Grace
Warning About Refusing to Hear God Hebrews  12 :25-29 Listening to God; Hearing from God
The Need for an Awakening Isaiah  6 :1-9 Spiritual Awakening; Revival
The Never of an Awakening James  4 Pride; Humility; Revival; Awakening; Carnality
When You Can't Find God Job  23 :1-10 God, Presence of
God's Plan For Sharing John  4 :1-42 Witnessings; Missions; Soul Winning; Evangelism
Engage John  6 :5-14 Commitment; Trust; Involvement; Missions; Witnessing
What Spirit Do I Have John  9 :13-41 Holy Spirit; Legalism; Spirit of Christ
The Call of Christmas Luke  2 :1-20 Christmas; Angles Singing; Birth of Jesus
The Most Important Announcement in History Luke  2 :1-20 Christmas; Birth of Jesus; Angels
A True Disciple Luke  9 :23 Disciple; Discipleship
Let Us Not Forget Luke  15 :11-24 America; Freedom; Memorial Day
The Picture of a Patient Father Luke  15 :11-31 Prodigal Son
Five Things Found in Hell That Belong In The Church Luke  16 :19-31 Hell; Church Life; Prayer; Concern for the Lost
The Nearness of an Awakening Luke  24 :13-35 Awakening; Revival; Jesus, Nearness of; Easter; Risen Lord
Harvest Mark  4 :26-29 Soul Winning; Witnessing; Evangelism
The Kingdom of God Mark  4 :26-34 Kingdom of God; The Word of God; Seed - the Bible
From the Pit to the Proverbial Palace Mark  5 :1-20 Changed Life; Salvation; Jesus, Love of; Transformation
From the Pit to the Proverbial Palace Mark  5 :1-20
Empty At Easter Mark  15 :42 Resurrection; Tomb, Empty
Through The Storm Matthew  4 :35-41 Trouble; Storms of Life; Divine Direction
The Kingdom Focused Church - Experiencing Matthew  6 :24-33 Kingdom Church; Church; Growth, Church
We Seek To Honor God In All We Do Matthew  6 :33 Christian Living
All People Matter To God Matthew  9 :35-38 Love, God's; Evangelism
When Will We answer The Call Matthew  9 :35-38 Mission; Evagelism
The Local Church is the Hope of the World Matthew  16 :17-19 Church
Prayer Matthew  17 :14-17 Prayer; Revival; Renewal; Harvest Time
The Message of the Angel Matthew  28 :1-10 Resurrection; Witnessing; Missions
The Rolling Stone Matthew  28 :1-10 Resurrection
The Kingdom Focused Church - Exposing Matthew  28 :18-20 Church, A Kingdom; Church; Evangelism; Church Growth
The State Of The Church Philippians  3 :10-15 Church; Joy in the Church
The Kingdom Focused Church - Embracing Philippians  3 :7-20 The Kingdom Church; Church; Faith; Commitment
Moving The Landmarks Proverbs  23 :10-11 Morality; America; Backsliding
The Nature of an Awakening Psalms  85 :1-13 Spiritual Awakening, Revival
Live As God's Children Romans  8 :12-17 Christian Living
Stumbling Block or Building Stone Romans  9 :30-33 Cross; Jesus, The Solid Rock
Stumbling Stone or Building Block Romans  9 :30-33 Nature of Jesus; Corner Stone; Jesus
The Invitation to Salvation Romans  10 :13-21 Salvation; Eternal Life; God's Call; God's Invitation
Grafted into God's Family Romans  11 :16-32 God, Family of; Body of Christ; Grafted; Church
What Does It Mean To Be His Romans  12 :3-8 Jesus, Belonging To; Christian Life, Meaning of
Life With A Purpose Romans  15 :20-33 Purpose; Your Best Life; Christian Living
The Neglect of an Awakening Selected Passages  Revival; Spiritual Awakening; Repentance; Neglect

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