Sammy Burgess

Sammy Burgess
Morning View Baptist Church
117 Rowland Springs Road
Cartersville, GA30121

Bio of Rev. Sammy Burgess (Photo currently unavailable)

Sammy Burgess has been in the ministry for 29 years. He has been pastoring for nearly 25 years. He has pastored 4 different churches during those years.

He served as pastor Northside Baptist Church; Fort Payne, Ala.; Morning View Baptist Church, Marietta, Ga.; Oakland Heights Baptist Church, Cartersville, Ga.; and First Baptist Church, Acworth, Ga. He is at Morning View Baptist Church, Acworth, Georgia for the second time.

Sammy attended high school and college at Tennessee Temple in Chattanooga, Tn. He is married to Gena, his wife of 26 years. They have one son, Andrew. He is 24 years old and is the minister of music at Oakland Heights Baptist Church, Cartersville, Georgia.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Facing The Giants In Your Life 1 Samuel  17 New Year; Courage; Giants, Facing
Where Is The Lord God Of Elijah? 2 Kings  2 :14 Commitment; God, Power of; God, Presence of
When Your Cutting Edge Is Lost 2 Kings  6 :1-7 Service; Restoration, Spiritual; Revival; Discouragement
What It Means To Be Forgiven Acts  13 :38-39 Forgiveness
Almost Persuaded Acts  26 :24-29 Salvation; Procrastination; Opportunity Lost
Two Words That Changed Everything Ephesians  2 :4 God, Intervention of
Will Somebody Touch Heaven For Me? Exodus  17 :8-16 Prayer; Intercession
The Search Is Still On For One Man Ezekiel  22 :23-30 Men, Man, Godly
When God Invades The Boneyard Ezekiel  37 :1-14 Revival; Awakening
When The Bottle Is Empty Genesis  21 :9-21 Provision, God's; Water; Trouble; Hardships; Faith
Go Get The Bride Genesis  24 Church; Jesus, Coming of; Bride of Christ; Soul Winning
Have You Seen The King? Isaiah  6 :1-8 Holiness; God, Glory of
The Birth That Changed The World Isaiah  9 :6 Birth of Christ; Christmas; Jesus, Birth of
Tears are a Language God Understands Job  16 :20 Tears; Sorrow; Love, God's
He Must Be Up To Something! John  6 :6 Trust; Faith; Prayer; Patience
The Man Who Almost Missed Easter John  20 :19-31 Easter; Resurrection
Building a Life that will Last Luke  6 :46-49 Salvation; Foundation, Solid; Solid Rock, Jesus is the
God's Cure for Withering Lives Luke  6 :6-11 Life, Meaning of
He's the Master of the Sea Luke  8 :22-26 Lordship
Don't Lose Heart When You Pray Luke  18 :1-8 Prayer; Faith, Praying with
The Man Who Almost Had It All Mark  10 :17-31 Materialism; Riches; Priorities
A Great Church Desires The Righteousness Of God Matthew  5 :6 Righteousness; Desires; Church
When God Is Near and Yet Seems So Far Away Matthew  11 :1-11 God, Nearness of; Providence of God; Purpose
To Soon To Quit Nehemiah  6 :3 Persistence; Faith; Commitment
Life At Its Best Philippians  1 :21 Life, Best; Purpose; Joy in Living; Meaningful Life
Days That Speak To Us Psalms  90 :9-12 Life, Days of; Seasons of Life; Time

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