Jim Drake

Jim Drake
Jim Drake
Brushfork Baptist Church
3838 Pisgah Road
Princeton, WV24740

Jim Drake is pastor of Brushfork Baptist Church in Bluefield, West Virginia. He was born in 1967 in Ripley, WV, and grew up in West Virginia, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Colorado.

It was in Denver that he graduated from Beth Eden Baptist High School in 1985 and entered the Air Force in 1986. Although saved at the age of 12, and called into ministry in high school, Jim experienced times of rebellion and wandering from God. His relationship with the Lord continued to wane until the mid 1990s. After a tour supporting Operation SOUTHERN WATCH in Saudi Arabia he began to truly submit to God's work in his life. Moses had to spend 40 years in the desert at Midian and Paul had to spend three years in the Arabian Peninsula desert - by God's grace, Jim only had to spend 120 days in the desert. As he began to increasingly submit to the Lord's will for his life, the Lord began to increasingly reaffirm His call on Jim's life, culminating in his first and current pastorate.

He has earned five degrees - three associate, one baccalaureate, and a Master of Arts in Religion (cum laude) from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He is currently enrolled in the Master of Divinity program at LBTS and has future aspirations of earning a Doctorate of Ministry and eventually a Th.D. or a Ph.D.

God has blessed Jim with a wonderfully godly helpmeet, Miranda, and three lovely children-Kyla, Katelyn, and C.J. Miranda has faithfully transitioned from serving in the second toughest job in the world (military wife) to the toughest job in the world (pastor's wife). They recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary - just a warm-up for the rest of their lives together. Kyla is a second-year student at Auburn University Montgomery, in Montgomery, Alabama and will soon be getting married. Katelyn (14) and C.J. (12) are homeschool students who consistently defy the PK stereotype. Jim had the privilege of leading each of his children to the Lord at young ages.

Aside from his relationship with the Lord and with his family, Jim's passions in life are the Word of God, expository preaching, good books, and Denver Broncos and West Virginia Mountaineer football. The Lord consistently reminds him of their proper order in his life.

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