Donnie L. Martin

Donnie L. Martin
Donnie L. Martin
127 Fitzhugh Street
Leland, MS38756

Donnie L. Martin

Donnie Martin was saved when he was 15 years old. After High School, he enlisted in the United States Air Force and served in Vietnam during 1971 and 1972. He was married to Shirley Brown in 1970, just prior to his service overseas.

In 1975 he surrended to a call from God for vocational ministry and entered Baptist Bible College of Springfield, Missouri. He began his studies as a music major, but in 1977, he sensed a call of God upon his life to preach the Gospel. It was at that time that he changed his studies to theology, and was licensed to preach by the Grace Bible Baptist Church of Springfield, Missouri. He graduated in 1979 with a Th.G. in Pastoral Studies and continues his studies now through Leavell College and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

He has served churches in Springfield and Independence, MO.; Camden, AR.; Raytown, MO.; Bluford, IL; Belzoni, MS.; and Leland, Ms.

Donnie is also a certified counselor affiliated with the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
My Goals, By God's Grace 1 Corinthians  9 :16 Pastor, Duty of; Goal of the Preacher
Love is the Key 1 Corinthians  13 Love; Valentine's Day
Acknowledging What We Are 1 Corinthians  15 :9-10 Christ Identity; Soldier, Christian
Where Ravens Fly 1 Kings  17 :4-6 Trust in God; Faith; Faithfulness; Provision, God's; Elijah
Lord, Let the Fire Fall 1 Kings  18 :21-24 Relevance; Revival
Thy Love To Me Is Wonderful 1 Samuel  18 :1-4 Love, God's
The Fight of Faith 1 Timothy  6 :12 Faith; Determination; Dedication
The Day God Filled The House 2 Chronicles  5 :13-14 God, Presence of; Church, Blessings Upon the
Repentance That Resulted In Judah's Revival 2 Chronicles  15 Revival; Repentance; Renewal
Abstaining from Worldly Associations 2 Corinthians  6 :14-18 Worldiness; Christian Living
Buffeted But Blessed 2 Corinthians  12 :9-10 Blessings; Hardships; Trials; Thanksgiving
Fatal Food on the Fire 2 Kings  4 :39-40 Falsehood; Lies; Truth
The Comfort Of Certainties 2 Timothy  3 :10-15 Peace; Comfort
Parting Words of Paul 2 Timothy  4 :7 Perseverence
What Kind of Servant are You? 2 Timothy  4 :9-22 Servants; Commitment
The Thrilling Transformation of a Tragedy Acts  3 :6-7 Miracle; Transformation; Trouble, Help in Time of
Obedience is our Obligation Acts  5 :29 Obedience; Christian Living
The Pressing Priority Acts  6 :4 Prayer
Scriptural Sainthood Colossians  1 :12-13 Saints; Christian Living
Daniel's Holy Determination Daniel  1 :8 Commitment; Discipline; Fathifulness; Determination
Pride's Proud Prisoner Daniel  4 :8-18 Nebuchadnezzar; Pride; Arrogance
Righteousness Vs. Revengefulness Ephesians  :31-32 Revenge
New Year Needs Ephesians  4 :10-13 New Year Needs
Spirit-Filled Living Ephesians  5 :18-19 Spirit-filled Life; Spirit, Infilling of; Christian Living; Holy Spirit
Manna Delivered Exodus  6 :1-14 Manna; Bread of Heaven; Bread of Life
Manna Described Exodus  6 :1-14 Manna; Bread of Heaven; Bread of Life
Manna Despised Exodus  6 :1-14 Manna; Bread of Heaven; Bread of Life
Forward By Faith Exodus  14 Faith; Victory; Moses at Red Sea
The Power of Prevaling Prayer Exodus  17 :8-16 Prayer; Victory; Guidance from God; Prayer, Power in
A Story Of Folly, Favor, And Flood Genesis  6 :8 Noah; Judgment; Sin Cost of; Salvation
Faith Enough to Follow Genesis  12 :4 Faith
America's Choice - Repentance or Retribution Isaiah  1 :16-20 Independence Day; America; National Sin; Repentance; Choices
An Encounter with the Enthroned Almighty Isaiah  6 :1-13 God, Encounter with
Christmas in its Christian Context Isaiah  7 :14 Christmas
His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful Isaiah  9 :6 Christmas; Birth of Jesus; Wonderful Jesus
Fighting The Foe By Faith Isaiah  36 :1-2 Faith; Victory
Mercy In The Midst Of Madness Isaiah  41 :1-20 Mercy of God; Mercy
It's Time To Turn To The Lord Isaiah  55 :6-7 Time; Procrastination
Interceding for Intervention Isaiah  59 :16-19 Interceding Prayer; National Prayer; America
Recovery Through Repentance Jeremiah  2 :13 Repentance
The Calamity of Judgment Jeremiah  8 :1-12 God and Country; Judgment, National; Call of God
The Concern of Jeremiah's Heart Jeremiah  8 :1-12 America; God and Country; Call of God
The Corruption of the Nation Jeremiah  8 :1-12 God and Country; Call of God; America
Grateful For Grace John  1 :17 Grace; Love of God; Joy
The Salvation of the Samaritan Woman John  4 :25-29 Salvation; The Samaritan Woman; Redemption; Testimony; Witness
Fringe Benefit Followers John  6 :63-66 Following Jesus
The Treachery of a Traitor John  13 :18-30 Betrayal; Traitor; Judas; Unfaithfulness
Gideon's Attack Judges  7 :15-22 Will of God; Victory; Gideon; Faith; Faithfulness
Considerations Concerning the Christ of Christmas Luke  2 :1-16 Christmas
Demands for Dedicated Discipleship Luke  9 :23 Discipleship; Dedication; Christian Living
In Need Of A Neighbor Luke  10 :25-29 Kindness; Christian Love; Love, Christian; Prejudice
Thanksgiving - The Lord and the Lepers Luke  17 :11-19 Thanksgiving; Gratitude; Thanksgiving Day
The Mindset of True Repentance Luke  18 :13-14 Repentance
Remembering The Resurrection Luke  24 :1-9 Resurrection; Easter; Life, Eternal
Conclusions Concerning Christ Matthew  16 :15-16 Christ; Jesus
Traits of a Token Religion Philippians  1 :3-11 False Religion;
The Secret of Contentment Philippians  4 :10-13 Contentment; Peace; Anxiety
Favored By Faithful Fathers Proverbs  17 :6 Fathers; Family; Home; Father's Day
Facts About Forming Friendships Proverbs  18 :24 Friendships; Relationships
The Comfort of God's Care Psalms  36 Comfort of God; Care of God; God's Comfort
Memorial to the Master Psalms  77 :11-12 Jesus, Sacrifice of
Conditions That Make Revival Crucial Psalms  85 :6 Revival; Renewal; Evil Generation; Commitment; Dedication
Dad's Divine Duty Psalms  128 :1-6 Father's Day; Discipline, Father's; Father, Love of a; Father, Faith of a
A New Year's Eve Service Psalms  141 :3 New Year; Christian Living
Fired Up Or Fizzled Out? Revelation  2 :4 Fervor; Jesus, Love for; Love for Jesus
The Independence of the Saved Individual Romans  8 :1-2 Freedom in Christ; Condemnation Removed; Salvation
Surrendered Saints Romans  12 :1-2 Surrender; God's will; Renewal; Commitment
Christ and His Church Selected Passages  Church; Discipleship; Body of Christ; Revival
Longing for the Likeness of the Lord Selected Passages  Christlike; Christian Living; Desire; Purpose in Life; Paul, Mission of
The Marks of a Mother Selected Passages  Mother's Day; Children, Rearing; Family; Fathers

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