Paul E. Brown

Paul E. Brown
Paul E. Brown
5 NW 160th Street
Edmond, OK73013

Paul E. Brown grew up in Sledge, Mississippi. He became a Christian when he was a junior at Mississippi College, where he was editor of the college magazine, lettered in track and cross country, was elected by his fellow students as Student Body Representative, and was named to "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges." He attended New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and the University of Mississippi. He and his wife Connie have four children, nine grandchildren, and six great grandchildren.

He pastored two churches while a seminary student. The year they both graduated from the seminary he and Connie were married, and he was pastor for 3 1/2 years of Kilmichael (MS) Baptist Church. During that time he was a member of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board. He then served for 9 years as pastor of Oakhaven Baptist Church in Memphis, TN, which grew from an average attendance of 113 to 545. During one of those years there were 100 baptisms. He served on the Executive Board of the Tennessee Baptist Convention and the Historical Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, and for one year as president of the Memphis Baptist Pastors Conference,. He has preached revivals and spoken at special events in ten states, including speaking at the Missouri Baptist Pastors Conference and being the commencement speaker at Mid-American Baptist Theological Seminary.

Feeling God calling him into a combination ministry of preaching and teaching, he went back to graduate school and earned M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. He served Union University as their Memphis area student recruiter for two years and then for six years was on the faculty of Clarke College (a Southern Baptist junior college) in Newton, Mississippi, where he taught Preaching, Pastoral Ministries, and Old and New Testament Survey, as well as other courses. He then served at Hannibal-LaGrange College (now University) in Hannibal, Missouri, for eighteen years--first as Executive Vice President, and then as President. During those years at the college he was involved in numerous community activities, and was a leader in the fight against bringing riverboat gambling into Hannibal. Because of the efforts of Christian people in area churches, the gambling initiative was defeated. He was president of the Hannibal Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and led in the construction of a new facility in a nearby town. He was president-elect of the Hannibal YMCA but moved before assuming office as president. One year he received the annual "Pacesetter" award from the Hannibal Chamber of Commerce. He has been listed in Who's Who in American Education, Who's Who in Religion, and several other publications. He has written and published two books.

Following retirement from Hannibal-LaGrange College, he and Connie moved back down south. Soon after his retirement from the college the Board of Trustees named him President Emeritus. Then, after living for a number of years in Southaven, Mississippi, they moved to Edmond, Oklahoma, where they now live.

While ministering at Hannibal-LaGrange College he served various churches in Missouri and Illinois as interim pastor. Since retirement he has been interim pastor of numerous churches in Mississippi and Tennessee, and also for several months was Interim Director of Missions for Mid-South (formerly Shelby) Baptist Association, which he had previously served as Moderator.

He holds a black belt in Taekwondo. In 2008 he was inducted into the Mississippi College Sports Hall of Fame.

In 2011 a building was named in his honor on the campus of Hannibal-LaGrange University.

He has taught on-line courses for Liberty University and Midwestern Baptist College (an arm of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), having developed and taught two master's level courses for Midwestern.

Currently he teaches a Sunday school class at Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City where he and his wife are members. He also serves as a deacon and is active in a number of ministries in the church.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
The Resurrection - How Important? 1 Corinthians  15 Christian Living; Resurrection
Show Thyself A Man 1 Kings  2 :1-4 Father, Godly; Man, Christian
Five Things We Should Always Remember 1 Peter  Homecoming; Memory; Remembering
How To Have A Good Day 1 Peter  3 :10-12 Christian Living; Joy
David and Goliath 1 Samuel  17 Victory; Faith; Giants, Overcoming
Playing The Fool 1 Samuel  26 :21 Fool; Foolish
How To Be As Thankful As God Wants You To Be 1 Thessalonians  5 :18 Gratitude; Thanksgiving
A Question for Fathers - What Kind of Provider are You? 1 Timothy  5 :8 Father's Day; Dad; Fathers; Family; Home
How To Be Content - In Spite of Everything 1 Timothy  6 :5-6 Contentment; Peace; Calm; Faith
The Giving That Blesses 2 Corinthians  8 :1-5 Giving; Stewardship
Thorns and Grace 2 Corinthians  12 :7-10 Problems, Grace in; Thorn in the Flesh; Grace in Trials
Finally, Brethern, Farewell 2 Corinthians  13 :11-14 Prayer; Challenge; Faithfulness
The Power To See It Through 2 Kings  18 :3-7 Persistence; New Year; Faithfulness; Determination
A Sick King's Prayer 2 Kings  20 Prayer; Divine Assistance; Power, How To Obtain
David's Great Sin 2 Samuel  11 Sin; Wrong Places; David; Adultery
And They Continued Acts  2 :42 Steadfastness; Faithfulness; Salvation, True
The Basics Of Christian Unity Acts  4 :29-35 Christian Living; Unity
Religious But Lost Acts  10 Conversion; Salvation; Lostness
How to BECOME a Christian and How to KNOW One Acts  11 :19-30
Miracles in the Night Acts  12 Depression; God, Faithfulness of; Prayer
The Ninth Beatitude Acts  20 :35 Stewardship; Giving
Evidences of the Resurrection Acts  26 :8-29 Resurrection; Easter
Being Cheerful In A Storm Acts  27 Joy in Adversity; God, Peace of; Peace
Concern, Commendation, and Challenge Colossians  2 :4-15 Faithfulness; Bible Truth; Christian Progress; Christ, Presence of
Be Ye Thankful Colossians  3 :15 Thankful; Gratitude
Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar's Dream Daniel  2 Dreams; Prayer Answered; Lordship; God, Presence of
The Fiery Furnance Daniel  3 Courage; Faithfulness; Deliverance; Peer Pressure
A Promise That Can Change Your Life Deuteronomy  33 :25 Provision, God's; Promise; God's Promise
Are We Supposed To Thank God For Everything That Happens? Ephesians  5 :20 Thanksgiving
God's Thanksgiving Primer Ephesians  5 :20 Thanksgiving; Gratitude
Travelling Toward The Promised Land Exodus  14 :1-31 Prayer and Works; Salvation; Deliverance; Commitment; Consistency
The Ten Commandments - Fifth - Honoring Parents Exodus  20 :12 Parents, Honoring; Commandments
The Ten Commandments -Sixth - Sanctity of Human Life Exodus  20 :13 Murder; Sanctity of Human Life
The Ten Commandments - Seventh - Adultery Forbidden Exodus  20 :14 Adultery; Sex; Fidelity; Marriage
The Ten Commandments - Eight - Do Not Steal Exodus  20 :15 Commandments; Stealing
The Ten Commandments - Ninth - No False Witness Exodus  20 :16 Lying; Commandments; False Witness
The Ten Commandments - Tenth - Do Not Covet Exodus  20 :17 Coveting; Things; Materialism; Jealousy; Envy
The Ten Commandments - Intro Part 1 Exodus  20 :18-22 Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments - Intro Part 2 Exodus  20 :18-22 The Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments - First - No Other Gods Exodus  20 :2-3 Ten Commandments; God, One
The Ten Commandments - Two - Idolatry Prohibited Exodus  20 :2-3 Ten Commandments; Idolatry
The Ten Commandments - Third - The Sacred Name Exodus  20 :7 The Ten Commandments; Name, God's
The Ten Commandments - Fourth - Keeping the Lord's Day Exodus  20 :8-11 Worship; Sunday; Church Attendance; Sabbath
What To Do With Your Burdens Galatians  6 :2-5 Problems; Burdens; Peace
Looking in Three Directions Genesis  16 :8 Homecoming; Life, View of
The Greatest Wrestling Match Of All Time Genesis  32 :24-32 Jacob; Prayer; Blessed by God; Trust in God
A Salute To Our Military Hebrews  11 Veterans Day; America; Military
Keeping on in Hard Times Hebrews  12 :1-4 Christian Living; Hardships; Faithfulness; Trust
Judgment and Hope Isaiah  1 :10-20 Judgment; Hope; Faithfulness; Dedication
A Life-Changing Vision Isaiah  6 :1-13 Vision of God; God's Will in Life; Divine Purpose; Cleansing from Sin
The Virgin Birth Promise Isaiah  7 :14 Virgin Birth; Promises of God
Lessons From A Doomed City Isaiah  23 :8-18 Judgment; Security, Jesus is; God of the Nations; Doom
Mercy Amidst Chaos Isaiah  31 :1-9 Mercy; Price of Sin; Protection of God
How To Find Encouragement When You're Down Isaiah  40 :26-31 Encouragement; Discouragement; God's Compassion
Lessons At The Potter's House Jeremiah  18 :1-6 Will of God; Renewal; Life, God's Plan for your
Rebuilding After Tragedy Job  Recovery; New Start; Renewal; Second Chance
Keeping Life and Death In Perspective Job  1 :21 Death; Funeral; Faith
The Word Made Flesh John  1 :1-14 Christmas; Birth of Christ; Jesus, Nature of
The Foot-Washing Incident John  13 :1-17 Humility; Holiness; Service
Jesus Is The Way John  14 :6 Jesus, The Way
What If Christ Had Not Come? John  15 :22 Christ, Birth of; Christmas
A Call To Courage Joshua  1 :6-7 Courage; Commitment; Dedication
Traveling Unknown Territory Joshua  3 Time; New Year; Godly Living
Traveling Unknown Territory Joshua  3 New Year; Progress; Lorship; Following God; Christian Living
The Perilous Consequences of Secret Sin Joshua  7 Sin, Secret; Sin, Results
Dealing Redemptively With Your Failures Joshua  7 :5-6 Failure, How To Overcome
The Day The Sun Stood Still Joshua  10 :12-14 Prayer; God, Power of; Victory
The Most Misunderstood Christmas Song Luke  2 :13-14 Christmas; Song, Christmas
And the Shepherds Returned Luke  2 :20 Christmas, Rigth After; Christmas; Shepherds; Jesus, Birth of
No Room for Jesus Luke  2 :7 Christ; Birth of
What Jesus Came To Do Luke  4 :16-21 Preaching of Jesus; Jesus, Work of
The Challenge of Christian Discipleship Luke  9 :23-25 Discipleship; Christian Living
The Forgotten Word Luke  17 :7-10 Christian Living; Obedience; Duty
Simon Peter - The Recovery Luke  22 :61-62 Simon Peter; Recovery; God's Forgiveness
The Necessity of the Cross Luke  24 :26 Cross
Three Vital Questions Regarding Tithing Malachi  3 :10 Tithing; Giving; Stewardship; Pledging
The Man With The Withered Hand Mark  3 :1-6 Healing; Compassion of Christ; Hardships
A Hurting Woman Finds Help Mark  5 :25-34 Faith; Healing; Power of Jesus
Getting Rid of a Demon Mark  9 :14-29 Demons; Deliverance; Peace; Prayer and Fasting
Christmas Gift Suggestions Matthew  2 :11 Christmas; Stewardship; Gifts
Repairing Broken Relationships Matthew  5 :23-24 Relationships; Broken Relationships; Grudges
The Great Invitation Matthew  11 :28 Funeral; Death; Salvation; Invitation of Christ
Three Great Lessons from the Master Teacher Matthew  16 :13-20 Responsibility; Salvation; Church
One Thing Thou Lackest Matthew  19 :16-26 Life, Purpose of; Money; Purpose; Salvation; Jesus, Following
Simon Peter - The Denial Matthew  26 Christian Regression; Sin, Christian; Failure
Signs at the Crucifixion Matthew  27 :45-54 Cross; Crucifixion; Jesus, Death of
A Golden Opportunity - Blown To Smithereens Numbers  Opportunity Lost; God's Open Doors; Self Defeat; Disobedience
A Preacher's Prayer Philippians  1 :9-11 Prayer; Fruitfulness; Priorities
The Power of His Resurrection Philippians  3 :7-12 Resurrection
God's Great Supply Promise Philippians  4 :19 Provision, God's
The Path To Life At Its Best Proverbs  4 :20-27 Life; Christian Living; Victorious Living
A Matter of the Heart Proverbs  4 :23 Heart
7 Things God Hates Proverbs  6 :16-19 God, Disappointing; Pride; Lying; Tongue; Discord
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Job Proverbs  10 :16-20 Labor; Work; Dedication
What The Bible Teaches About Friendship Proverbs  17 :7 Friendship; Friends; Being a Friend
A Virtuous Woman Proverbs  31 :10-31 Mother's Day; Mother; Woman, Godly
God's Recipe For Happiness Psalms  1 :1-2 Happiness; Purpose; Life, Meaning in
If The Foundations Be Destroyed Psalms  11 :3 America; Godly Patriotism
When You're In Trouble Psalms  46 :1 Trouble; Trusting God; Prayer
When The Wicked Prosper, And the Righteous Suffer Psalms  73 Suffering, Christian
God`s Faithfulness Psalms  89 Faithfulness of God
Be Thankful Unto Him Psalms  100 :4-5 Thanksgiving
Bringing Triumph Out Of Tragedy Psalms  119 :71 Faith; Victory; Tragedy; Hardships
A Guide For Praising God Psalms  150 Praise; Joy; Worship
Claiming Romans 8:28 Romans  8 :28 Faith
Responsibilities of the Redeemed Romans  13 :1-14 Christian Living; Obedience;
Do You Know Where Your Children Are? Selected Passages  Parenting; Children; Home; Family
Finding the Will of God Selected Passages  God, Will of; Will of God; Christian Living
How To Be Content - Even In Tough Times Selected Passages  Peace; Contentment; Joy
How To Grow Older Gracefully Selected Passages  Senior Christians; Old Age; Christian Living
Mary - A Role Model For Mothers Selected Passages  Mother's Day; Mother
Overcoming Disunity Selected Passages  Unity; Fellowship; Church Life
Saving the Saved Selected Passages  Salvation; Growth, Christian; Christian Living
Super-Glue Christians Selected Passages  Christian Living; Faithfulness; Dedication
The Day You Die Selected Passages  Death; Eternity
The Promises of God Selected Passages  Promises of God; Trust; Patience; New Year
What's New? Selected Passages  New Things; New Life; New Year
What's Wrong With Same-Sex Marriage Selected Passages  Marriage; Same-Sex Marriage
Who Killed Jesus? Selected Passages  Cross; Crucifixion
Why I Believe In The Resurrection Selected Passages  Resurrection

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Title Subject
Alcohol and the Bible Alcohol; Drinking; Wine in the Bible
Basic Truths About Angels Angels
Basic Truths about the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit
Power To Overcome Addiction Addiction; Alcoholism; Drugs
The Killing of Women and Children in the Old Testament Killing Women and Children
Where Did We Get The Bible Bible, Origin of
Who Is Jesus Jesus, The Nature of