Johnny L. Sanders

Johnny L. Sanders
Johnny L. Sanders
2396 Hwy. 552
Downsville, LA71234

A Native of Sledge, Mississippi, Johnny Sanders is married to the former Rebecca Turner, also of Sledge. He grew up seven miles west of Sledge, attending the Green River Baptist Mission where he was saved, called to serve the Lord at age 13, licensed at age 17, and ordained at age 19. He received the BA in Bible and Sociology from Mississippi College (1959), the M. Div. from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (1963), and the D.Min. from Luther Rice Seminary (1978).

During his forty years of ministry as a pastor in north east Louisiana, Johnny has served as vice-moderator and moderator in two associations and he has served as a member of the Executive Board of the Louisiana Baptist Convention from two different associations. He has served as Chairman of the Cooperative Program Sub-committee of the Executive Board. He also served both as vice-chairman and chairman of the Louisiana Baptist Children And Family Ministry during two terms on the Board of Trustees.

Johnny has served was chairman of the Nominating Committee of Lifeway Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention, as well as vice-chairman and chairman of the Broadman and Holman Committee. His first vote on the B & H Committee was for the translation and publication of the Holman Christian Standard Bible. He is also certified to lead conferences for the Interfaith Witness Department of the SBC.

His support for missions was recognized in an article in "The Baptist Program," and he was featured on the back of a Sunday Bulletin used by Southern Baptists. The church he served at that time was giving 30.5 percent of undesignated receipts to the Cooperative Program for missions. He also led churches to co-sponsor three missions in South Louisiana.

For more than thirty years, Johnny has been writing and teaching various books of the Bible in churches and seminary extension classes. In preparation for those studies he began writing verse by verse commentaries under the general title, THE BIBLE NOTEBOOK, which today includes forty-two volumes. THE BIBLE NOTEBOOK is prepared to fit in the gap between the critical commentary and the devotional commentary. One volume, UNDEFEATED: Finding Peace in a World Full of Trouble, a verse by verse commentary on the Book of Philippians is now in second printing. THE SERMON NOTEBOOK grew out of the work on THE BIBLE NOTEBOOK.

Johnny has served as monitor for Luther Rice Seminary and is currently a member of the faculty of the Cambridge Graduate School and the Emmanuel College for Christian Studies. These are both accredited distance learning institutions.

Special Honors include: Recognition for Life Time Service by Louisiana Governor Mike Foster, and recognition for forty years service by Louisiana Baptist Convention.

THE SERMON NOTEBOOK is sent to pastors, not as a finished product, but as a sermon starter for interested pastors who may read them and then improve on them. Pastors may be encouraged to invest the time and energy necessary to develop their own Sermon Notebook. Johnny also encourages pastors to make a point of preserving the results of their study and research for future use.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
That Your Joy May Be Full 1 John  1 :1-4 Joy
Walking in the Light 1 John  1 :5-6 God, Fellowship With
When We Walk In The Light 1 John  1 :7 Light, Walk In
When We Walk The Walk 1 John  1 :7 Salvation; Sanctification; The Blood Of Jesus; Spiritual Growth
True Confession 1 John  1 :8-10 Confessing Sin
True Confessions 1 John  1 :8-10 Confession of Sin; Forgiveness
The Test of Love 1 John  2 :10-15 Love, Godly
That You Sin Not 1 John  2 :1-2 Sin, Attitude Toward; Christian Living
Surrounded By Antichrists 1 John  2 :18-19 Antichrist
The Anointing 1 John  2 :20-23 Spirit Filled Life; Holy Spirit, Fullness of
A Home in the Heart 1 John  2 :24-29 Doctrine, Sound; Beliefs, Solid
To Know And Know You Know 1 John  2 :3-5 Salvation; Assurance of; Eternal Security
Heavenly Son Light 1 John  2 :6-9 Light, Walking in; Christian Living
A Love Commanded 1 John  3 :11-15 Love, Godly
If Not Love 1 John  3 :12-15 Love and Hate Contrasted
God's Love For His Children 1 John  3 :1-3 God, Love Of; God's Love
What Manner of Love 1 John  3 :1-3 Love, God's
The Measure of Love 1 John  3 :16-18 Love, God's
Knowing It and Showing It 1 John  3 :19-22 Salvation, Assurance of; Eternal Security
We Can Know We Are Saved 1 John  3 :21-24 Salvation, Assurance of; Eternal Security
When Spirituality Meets Sin 1 John  3 :4-8 Sin, Christian
He Who Cannot Sin 1 John  3 :9-10 Sin, The Truth About
The Acid Test of Faith 1 John  4 :1 Spirit of God, Knowing the
Love Made Perfect 1 John  4 :13-16 Love, Godly
No Fear In Love 1 John  4 :17-21 Love, Rewards of
Knowledge of the Holy 1 John  4 :2-6 Truth, Discerning the
Proof By Love 1 John  4 :7-13 God is Love
Saved and Sure 1 John  5 :13 Salvation
Character of the Kingdom Child 1 John  5 :1-3 Kingdom, Focus on the
Praying With Confidence 1 John  5 :14-17 Prayer, Confidence in
Saved, Sure and Secure 1 John  5 :18-21 Kingdom, Character of
This Is The One 1 John  5 :6-13 Christ, The Real
Going Home 2 Corinthians  4 :18ff Heaven
Standing in the Gap 2 Corinthians  5 :19 Redeemer; Standing
Present With The Lord 2 Corinthians  5 :8 Heaven
The Agony of the Cross 2 Corinthians  11 :23 Cross; Christian Living; Paul, The Apostle
Flourishing Faith 2 Thessalonians  1 :3 Revival; Faith, Flourishing
The Cross I Bear Acts  4 :31-37 Cross; Cross Bearing; Christian Living
Paul At The Cross Acts  9 Cross
Paul On the Way To The Cross Acts  9 Cross; Paul, The Apostle; Christian Living
To The Jews First Acts  9 Cross; Paul, The Apostle
Paul Bearing The Cross Before Kings Acts  9 :15 Cross; Witnessing; Testimony; Paul, The Apostle
Paul Taking Up The Cross Acts  9 :8-30 Cross; Christian Living; Paul, The Apostle
No Convenient Season Acts  24 :1-26 Convenience; Laziness; Procrastination
The Word of the Cross Acts  26 Cross; Gospel, The; Paul, The Apostle
No Perfect Fathers Exodus  20 :12 Father's Day; Father; Dads; Parenting
Bible Character Series - Abraham Genesis  12 Abraham
Famine in the Land of Promise Genesis  12 Faith
Famine in the Land of Promise Genesis  12 Faith
Man of Prayer Genesis  21 Isaac; Prayer
From Obnoxious Kid to Loyal Slave Genesis  30 Joseph
We Must Bleed To Bless Hebrews  9 :22 Commitment; Evangelism; Cross Bearing
Fire on the Wall Isaiah  55 :6-9 Judgment
In The Shadows of Babylon Jeremiah  1 :13-17 Babylon; America, Sin of
False Gods of our Time Jeremiah  2 False Gods
By The Rivers of Babylon Jeremiah  2 :09-11 Judgment
Broken Cisterns Jeremiah  2 :13 God, Rejected
Tell Them I Said So Jeremiah  2 :1-4 God, Word of; God's Word
A Covenant Not Lost Jeremiah  3 :14-18 Ark of the Covenant; Covenant, God's
Unfaithful and Treacherous Jeremiah  3 :3-13 Apostasy
Jeremiah's Prodigal Jeremiah  4 :01 Repentance
Break Up Your Fallow Ground Jeremiah  4 :03 Heart; Fallow Ground
Jeremiah's TV Culture Jeremiah  4 :3 Culture War; Jeremiah; Modern Age
A Captive People Jeremiah  5 God Rejected
Treated Superficially Jeremiah  5 :01-13 Religion, Deceptive
Sentimental Religion Jeremiah  5 :20-25 Religion, Sentimental; Religion, False
Sermon Fit For A Temple Jeremiah  7 :1-27 Faith, Misplaced
Perpetual Backsliding Jeremiah  8 :4-7 Backsliding; Apostacy
From Sadness To Joy Jeremiah  9 :20-25 Joy, The Choice of; Sadness Caused by Sin; America
The Saddest Words Jeremiah  9 :20-25 Saddness To Joy
Jeremiah's Creator Jeremiah  10 :10-16 Creator, America's
Obey Him Or Pay Him Jeremiah  11 :1-11 Obedience
Beyond Prayer Jeremiah  11 :9-14 Prayer, Hopeless
When The Wicked Prosper Jeremiah  12 God, The Ways of
God's Law of Sowing and Reaping Jeremiah  12 :13 Sowing and Reaping
When He Says I Will Jeremiah  12 :14-17 Judgment; Will, God's
When God Does Power Point Jeremiah  13 God's Visual Aids
The Unholy Sabbath Jeremiah  17 :19 Sabbath; Worship, Day of
He Is The Potter Jeremiah  18 :01-12 God, Sovereignty of; Sovereign God
They Will Not Obey Jeremiah  18 :7-17 Rebellion
They Will Not Obey Jeremiah  18 :7-17 Rebellion
We Will Not Listen Jeremiah  18 :7-17 Rebellion; Defiance; America; Obedience; Disobedience
We Would See Jesus Jeremiah  23 :01-08 Messiah, Jeremiah's
Not Too Hard For God Jeremiah  32 :16-17 God, Almighty
Not Too Hard For God Jeremiah  32 :16-32 God, Provision of; Power of God
A Word From The Lord Jeremiah  37 Word of God; God's Word
Heed The Blessed Mother! John  2 Mother's Day; Virgin Mary; Mother
Thy Will Be Done John  2 :16-17 God, Will of; Will of God
How We Know His Voice John  10 :1-5 God, Voice of; Voice of God; Listening to God; Shepherd, The
Jesus John  14 Jesus
Prayer in John 14 John  14 :12-14 Prayer
Heaven - The Good News John  14 :1-6 Heaven
Heaven Cannot Wait John  14 :1-6 Salvation; Heaven
Our Heavenly Father John  14 :1-6 God, Father; Creation
Urgent Word to You and Me John  14 :1-7 Believing Faith; Salvation
Blessed Trinity John  14 :19-26 Trinity; Godhead
Why Peter Denied Christ John  18 :15-27 Witness; Ridicule of Christians; Denial of Christ
Celebrate the Cross John  19 :16-19 Cross; Christian Living
Let Us Thank Him Leviticus  22 :26-33 Thanksgiving; Gratitude; Praise
Let Us Thank Him! Leviticus  22 :26-33 Thanksgiving; Gratitude; Praise
A Prodigal America Luke  15 :11-22 America; Renewal; Awakening
In Paradise Luke  23 :43 Heaven; Paradise
It's Got To Be Him Matthew  1 Jesus, Birth of; Jesus, Genealogy of; Christmas
Immanuel - God With Us Matthew  1 :1-23 Christmas; Jesus, Genealogy of
The Cross We Cannot Ignore Matthew  4 :1-11 Cross; Christian Living; Satan; Temptation
The Price We Pay Matthew  5 :11-12 Persecution; Commitment; Perseverence
A Radical Church Matthew  5 :3-12 Church; Christian Living; Courage; Commitment
John's Cross and Mine Matthew  10 :38 Cross; Christian Living
The Way of the Cross Leads Matthew  10 :38 Cross; Christian Living
The Cross You Bear Matthew  16 :24 Cross Bearing; Cross; Christian Living
A Heavenly Invitation Matthew  25 :31-34 Heaven
The Cross in the Wilderness Numbers  21 :4-9 Cross; Prophecy of the Cross
The Way of the Cross Leads home Philippians  1 :21 Christian Living; Cross; Paul
Wisdom Is Not Cool Proverbs  Wisdom
The Course of Wisdom Proverbs  1 Wisdom
Wisdom Ain't Cool Proverbs  1 :01-07 Popularity; Wisdom
The Source of Wisdom Proverbs  1 :2 Wisdom
Wisdom Produces Integrity Proverbs  2 :07 Wisdom; Integrity
Wisdom in Relationships Proverbs  3 :27-30 Relationships, Christian; Community; Christian Living; Wisdom
Love Thy Neighbor Proverbs  3 :27-33 Love; Golden Rule, The
Wisdom is Family Friendly Proverbs  3 :33 Wisdom; Family
The Value of Wisdom Proverbs  8 :11-17 Wisdom
A Proud Look Proverbs  8 :13 Humility; Wisdom
A Godly Work Ethic Proverbs  10 :16 Work; Ethics, Work; Wisdom
There is Wisdom in Humility Proverbs  11 :02 Humility; Wisdom; Pride
Lying Ain't Cool Proverbs  12 :22 Lying; Tongue; Truth; Speaking
Bad Language Ain't Cool Proverbs  15 :1 Cursing; Wisdom; Speaking; Tongue
Wisdom Transforms People Proverbs  24 :3-7 Wisdom; Transformation
A Word Fitly Spoken (1 of 2) Proverbs  25 :11-15 Tongue; Wisdom; Words
A Word Fitly Spoken (2 of 2) Proverbs  25 :11-15 Tongue; Words; Wisdom
Wisdom in Work Proverbs  27 :23 Work; Wisdom
Mothers of the Bible Proverbs  31 :10-31 Mother's Day; Mother
The Force of Wisdom Psalms  3 :19 Wisdom
Higher Ground Psalms  18 :33 Higher Ground; Peace; Gladness; Fulfillment
The Old Rugged Cross Psalms  22 Cross; Crucifixion
My Shepherd, My Father Psalms  23 Father's Day; Father
The Supreme Father Figure Psalms  23 Father
Introduction to Revelation Revelation  Revelation, Introduction to the Book of
We Would See Jesus Revelation  Jesus
We Would See Jesus Revelation  1 Jesus
The Blessing Revelation  1 :01-08 Blessing, God's
A Vision of the Risen Lord Revelation  1 :09-20 Jesus, Vision of
The Author and Finisher of our Faith Revelation  2 Revelation, Author of
Loss of Your First Love Revelation  2 :01-07 Love for Jesus
Jesus' Stamp of Approval Revelation  2 :08-11 Approval, Jesus'; Church
Confronting the Gates of Hell Revelation  2 :12-17 Pergamos, Letter to; Church Life
Under His Eye Revelation  2 :18-19 Thyatira, Letter to; Omniscience of God
The Church of the Living Dead Revelation  3 :01-06 Church; Sardis, Letter to; Faithfulness
Found Faithful Revelation  3 :07-13 Church; Philadelphia, Letter to; Faithfulness
The Poor Little Rich Church Revelation  3 :14-22 Church; Laodicea, Letter to; Cold Heartedness
Just Doing My Duty Revelation  3 :22 Duty; Church; America; Civic Duty
The Church Composite Revelation  3 :22 Church, Seven
Worthy Is The Lamb Revelation  4 :1-11 Jesus, Lamb of God; Worthy, Jesus is
Why The Lamb Is Still Worthy Revelation  5 :1-14 Lamb of God; Worthy, Jesus is; Worship
The Lamb Is Still Worthy Revelation  5 :9-14 Worthy, Jesus is; Jesus, Lamb of God; Lamb of God
Breaking of the Seals Revelation  6 :1-17 Judgment; Seven Seals
Washed in the Blood Revelation  7 :1-17 Blood of Jesus; Jesus, Blood of
Trumpets of Judgment Revelation  8 :1-13 Judgment
The Pit and the Plagues Revelation  9 :1-21 Tribulation
A Bittersweet Word Revelation  10 :1-11
The Trumpet of the Lord Revelation  11 :11-19 Tribulation, The Great
Two Witnesses Revelation  11 :1-14 Revelation; Witnesses; Tribulation, The Great
Satan's War Against God Revelation  12 :1-8 Satan; Tribulation, The Great
The Dragon Turns Beastly Revelation  13 :1-18 Beast; Tribulation, The Great; Satan
Reaping the Harvest Revelation  14 :14-20 Judgment; Tribulation, The Great
Standing with the Lamb Revelation  14 :1-8 Lamb of God; Tribulation, The Great
Falling with the Beast Revelation  14 :6-13 Beast; Tribulation, The Great; Judgment
Setting the Stage Revelation  15 :1-8 Judgment; Tribulation, The Great
The Beauty and the Beast Revelation  17 :1-18 Beast; Tribulation, The Great
The Fall of Babylon of the Great Revelation  18 :1-24 Babylon; Tribulation, The Great; Judgment
The Rider on the White Horse Revelation  19 :11-16 King of Kings; Jesus, King of Kings
Bringing Down The Bully Revelation  19 :17 Satan Judged
The Other Beast Revelation  19 :17-21 Lake of Fire; Satan Judged
Shout Hallelujah Revelation  19 :1-8 Hallelujah; Heavenly Celebration
Our Lord Reigns Revelation  19 :6-10 Heaven, Marriage In
The Great White Throne Judgment Revelation  20 :11-15 Judgment, The White Throne
Chain Gang From Hell Revelation  20 :1-3 Satan Judged; Satan Bound
Saints Reign with the Lord Revelation  20 :4-10 Reign, Saints; Heaven
No More Sea Revelation  21 Heaven; Home with God
Heaven - Actual Reality Revelation  21 :1-3 Heaven
Home Sweet Home Revelation  21 :1-4 Home in Heaven; Heaven
A Heavenly Vision Revelation  21 :1-8 Heaven
Heavenly Son-Light Revelation  21 :22-27 Heaven
The Gift of Life Revelation  21 :4-8 Life, The Gift of; Life, New
A New Year's Look Revelation  21 :5 Jesus, Return of; New Year
All Things New Revelation  21 :5 New Year; Christ, New Life in
More Than Adequate Revelation  21 :9-21 New Jerusalem; Heaven
My Reward Revelation  22 :12-16 Christ, Return of; Heaven, Reward in
The River of Living Water Revelation  22 :1-5 Life, The Source of; Water, The Living
Come Lord Jesus Revelation  22 :17-21 Return of Jesus; Christ, Return of
The Time is Near Revelation  22 :6-11 Christ, Return of
Three Theories of Justification Romans  5 :1 Justification
Under The Cross Romans  10 Cross; Salvation; Christian Living; Paul, The Apostle
Adam or Atom? Selected Passages  Creation
Title Book/Chapter
1 Corinthians - Volume 1 1 Corinthians 
1 Corinthians - Volume 2 1 Corinthians 
A Study Guide to the Epistles of John 1 John 
1 John - Vol 1 - Bible Notebook 1 John 
Confessing Sin 1 John 1:8-10 1 John  1
Fellowship With God 1 John 1:5-6 1 John  1
The Epistles of John - A Commentary - Introduction 1 John  1
The Word of Life 1 John 1:1-4 1 John  1
Walking in the Light 1 John 1:7 1 John  1
Assurance of Salvation 1 John 2:3-5 1 John  2
Attitude Toward Sin 1 John 2:1-2 1 John  2
Godly Love 1 John 2:10-15 1 John  2
Heavenly Sunlight 1 John 2:6-9 1 John  2
Sound Doctrine 1 John 2:24-29 1 John  2
The Spirit Filled Life 1 John 2:20-23 1 John  2
The Will of God 1 John 2:16-17 1 John  2
A Love Commanded 3:11-15 1 John  3
God's Love for His Children 1 John 3:1-3 1 John  3
He Who Cannot Sin 3:9-10 1 John  3
If Not Love 3:12-15 1 John  3
The Measure of Love 3:16-18 1 John  3
When Spirituality Meets Sin 3:4-8 1 John  3
1 John - Vol 2 - Bible Notebook 1 John  4
Saved, Sure, And Secure 5:18-21 1 John  5
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Jeremiah's America - Tell Them I Said So Jeremiah  2
Jeremiah's America - Unfaithful and Treacherous Jeremiah  3
Jeremiah's America - A Captive People Jeremiah  5
Jeremiah's America - A Sermon Fit for a Temple Jeremiah  7
Jeremiah's America - Beyond Prayer Jeremiah  7
Jeremiah's America - Perpetual Backslidding Jeremiah  8
Jeremiah's America - TV Culture Jeremiah  8
Jeremiah's America - From Sadness to Joy Jeremiah  9
Jeremiah's America - The Saddest Words Jeremiah  9
Jeremiah's America - America's Creator Jeremiah  10
Jeremiah's America - Obey Him or Pay Him Jeremiah  11
Jeremiah's America - Unholy Sabbath Jeremiah  17
Jeremiah's America - When He Says I WILL Jeremiah  17
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Wisdom in Speech (2 of 6) Proverbs 
Wisdom in Speech (3 of 6) Proverbs 
Wisdom in Speech (4 of 6) Proverbs 
Wisdom in Speech (5 of 6) Proverbs 
Wisdom in Speech (6 of 6) Proverbs 
The Course of Wisdom Proverbs 
Wisdom in Speech (1 of 6) Proverbs 
Wisdom is Not Cool Proverbs 
The Source of Wisdom Proverbs  1
Integrity of Wisdom Proverbs  2
The Force of Wisdom Proverbs  3
Wisdom is Family Friendly Proverbs  3
The Value of Wisdom Proverbs  8
Wisdom Transforms Proverbs  24
Romans - Bible Notebook Romans 
Basic Bible Beliefs - N.T. Doctrine Selected Passages 
Old Light on the Roman Church Selected Passages 
Title Subject
Adopt A Bible Study Plan Now! Study the Bible, How To
Basic Baptist Beliefs Doctine, Baptist
Calvinists versus Non-Calvinists Calvinism
Don't Drink - Lessons My Granddaddy Taught Me Alcohol; Drinking
Exodus Teaching - 01 - God's Covenant Relationship Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 02 - Hope Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 03 - God's Mighty Hand Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 04 - Stop and Sing Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 05 - On the Way to Sinai Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 06 - Then Came Amalek Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 07 - Rock of Ages Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 08 - The Sinai Experience Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 09 - All Cloudless Glory Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 10 - A God To Love Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 11 - A God To Revere Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 12 - A Neighbor to Love Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 13 - A Neighbor to Respect Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 14 - A Friend to Love Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 15 - A Friend to Honor Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 16 - A God To Know Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 17 - The Ten Commandments Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 18 - Wilderness of Sin Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 19 - Wilderness of Misery Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 20 - Stuck in the Wilderness Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 21 - Where My Possessions Lie Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 22 - Conquest of Canaan Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 23 - Conquest of God Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 24 - The God Who Is Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 25 - Passing the Test Exodus Study
Exodus Teaching - 26 - Dead, Alive, Fruitful Exodus Study
General Shoffner Remembered Patriotism
God God
Hint of Salt Salt of the Earth
I Really Wanted To Preach Preaching
Lessons My Granddaddy Taught Me - Don't Drink! Alcohol
Lessons My Grandfather Taught Me Gambling; Chance; Faith
Power of a Good Illustration Illustrations
R.G. Lee and the Devil Satan
R.G. Lee Remembered R.G. Lee
Scientific Case For God God and Science
The Use of Wine In New Testament Times Wine; Alcohol