Larry Wynn

Larry Wynn
Larry Wynn
Hebron Baptist Church
P.O. Box 279
Dacula, GA30019

Rev. Larry Wynn became Senior Pastor at Hebron Baptist Church , Dacula, Georgia in 1978. The church was averaging 100 in Sunday School at that time. Today the church has 3,500 in attendance each week and more than 7,000 people have been baptized throughout the years of Brother Larry's ministry there.

In 2011, Larry resigned at Hebron Baptist Church to become Vice President for Evangelism for the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Larry has been President of the Georgia Baptist Convention, Vice-President of the SBC Pastor's Conference, Sunday School Board Trustee, and held many offices and places of responsibility within the Georgia Baptist Convention, the Southern Baptist Convention and numerous positions in community affairs.

Rev. Wynn is in great demand as a speaker. He has spoken at the Georgia Baptist Convention, the Georgia Baptist Convention Evangelism Conference, the Southern Baptist Convention Pastor's Conference and in many conferences, churches and events across America.
He was educated at Abraham Baldwin College, Mercer University, New Orleans Theological Seminary and Luther Rice Seminary. He is married to his wife, Ethel and they have three children.

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject
Practicing Love 1 Corinthians  13 Love; Valentine's Day
Surviving Loss 2 Corinthians  1 :8-11 Grief; Loss
When Weakness Becomes Strength 2 Corinthians  4 :7 Weakness; Strength; God's Way; Christian Living
Help From Above Exodus  17 :8-16 Marriage; Prayer; Lord's Supper; God, Power of
When Parenting Becomes Painful Galatians  6 :2 Family; Parenting; Marriage; Children
God Holds The Key Isaiah  61 :1 Freedom in Christ; Addiction, Freedom from
Declaring Peace At Home James  4 :1-3 Conflict Resolution; Marriage; Love; Family; Home
Released From Resentment Job  6 :1-3 Bitterness; Resentment
To Tell The Truth John  8 :44 Honesty; Truth
A Strategy For Success Joshua  1 :1-9 Success; God's Way; Victory; Christian Living
The Secret To Maximum Living Joshua  2 :1-18 Christian Living; Victory; Salvation; Witnessing
Breaking Down Barriers Joshua  5 :13-16 Overcoming; Victory; Strength; Courage; Power of God
Released From Resentment Joshua  6 :1-3 Resentment; Grudge, Holding a; Anger; Bitterness; Feelings, Hurt
The Strength To Win Joshua  9 Strength to Win; Power of God in Life; Maximum Living
Dreams Made Possible Joshua  14 Faithfulness; Fruitfulness; Dreams Heritage
Marching On Joshua  23 Submission; Progress; Faithfulness; Christian Living; Future
Belief Determines Behavior Judges  21 :25 Truth; Moral Decline in America; Power to Overcome
Let The Church Be The Church Luke  10 :30-37 Church; Discipleship; Body of Christ
Search for Stability Matthew  2 :1-12 Christmas; Gift, Christmas; Birth of Christ; Seeking; Wise Men; Purpose
Respect - A Collapsing Value Matthew  7 :12 Respent; Kindness; Gentleness; Love
Maintaining Balance Proverbs  1 :1-7 Life Balance; Living for God; Strength; Renewal; Happiness; Meaning
Building A Marriage That Works Proverbs  4 :20-22 Marriage; Family; Love in the Home
Can You Hear Me Now? Proverbs  15 :4 Communication; Marriage
Trust - The Forgotten Word Psalms  5 :11 Trust; Trusting God; Idols
Recovering From Regrets Psalms  32 Regrets; Forgiveness; Revival; Renewal; Failure
Stung But Not Scarred Psalms  34 :17-18 Pain; Hurt; Adversity; Human Value; God's Love
Hold On Psalms  34 :18-19 Substance Abuse; Alcoholism; Drugs; Deliverence; God's Healing
Help for the Lonely Psalms  102 :6-7 Loneliness
Get Relief Romans  6 :11-14 Responsibility
Life Greatest Ability - Responsibility Romans  14 :12-13 Responsibility, Personal; Accountability
Stress Fractures Song of Solomon  2 :15 Marriage; Family

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